Ambit - “Stubbornly the Century” (forthcoming)

Reality Beach - “Battery Park

Wreck Park - "Peter Hujar" and "God of Plenty" 

Foundry - "Arizona Wildcat"

Foglifter - "Go but Make It Passion"

Sixth Finch - "Enclosure of the Swans" and "Every After"

DIAGRAM - "No One Is a Picnic" and "Kill Floor"

Lambda Literary - "American Vernaculars"

wildness - "I Am No Angeleno" and "Odyssey"

Poets House - "My Mother Was a Bodybuilder"

The Shallow Ends - "Whalemouth"

Fifth Wednesday - "Museum of Fine Arts" and "Santo Niño"

Assaracus - "After Burning," "Virtue," "Ondine," "Theodicy," "In Bohol," "Imago," "At the Dunes' Edge," and "Antarctica"

THRUSH - "On Your Metropolitan Premiere"

Crab Orchard Review - "Epilogue from Never"

DIALOGIST - "Husbandry"

RHINO - "Res Extensa"

AEQAI - "The Combustible Brink" (review of Patrick Shoemaker's Fire on Fire)

The Volta - Review of Elisa Gabbert's "The Self Unstable"